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About Regenix

The Regenix Hair Loss treatment program consists of naturally derived, liquid bio-pharmaceuticals applied topically to the scalp, and can be followed at home or in our Los Angeles Clinic.

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Regenix Reviews

"I've been using Regenix, stuff for healthy hair to keep this hair strong, because some of this hair was falling out. Now my hairline's better than when I was 18."
Matthew McConaughey, Actor

"After two or three weeks, the hair loss diminished considerably. In three months, I noticed new growth and thickening of the hair. I was never promised a full head of hair, but through Regenix, I have regained my hair, self esteem and confidence."
Tara Lovitt, Restaurant Owner

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Hair Loss Treatment by Regenix: Natural and Personalized

Why over 500,000 clients worldwide have chosen Regenix

Through decades of research, the Regenix Hair Loss Clinic has developed and patented a comprehensive and natural hair loss treatment program for men and women.

The Regenix Hair Loss Treatment consists of a series of naturally derived, liquid bio-pharmaceuticals applied topically to the scalp, and can be followed at home or in our Los Angeles Clinic. A treatment program is individually formulated for your needs to address the numerous factors that contribute to hair loss, in order to prevent baldness and enhance your existing hair.

The Regenix natural hair loss treatment is not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all product

Your natural hair loss treatment program will be custom-formulated for your hair loss issue from many different elements. Based on our initial micro-analysis of your hair, we determine which formula to use, and Regenix hair loss treatments are constantly refined based on follow up hair micro-analysis, in order to achieve the best possible results. And every Hair Micro Analysis is free of charge. 

A fully individualized hair loss treatment 

Follow the Regenix Hair Loss Treatment in our Los Angeles clinic, or in the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.

One of the unique features of the Regenix hair loss treatment program is that, although our natural formulas are completely individualized for your hair loss issue, you can follow the program anywhere in the world. In fact, you can successfully progress through the whole Regenix Hair Loss Treatment Program without ever having to visit our clinic facilities. All you need to do is mail us hair samples every three months, and we will analyze them to adjust your treatment formulas. If you live in Southern California, you also have the option to follow the Regenix hair loss treatment program at our clinic in Los Angeles.

Regenix is not an obscure online entity, and does not try to seduce you with someone else's "before and after" picture

The Regenix Hair Research Clinic, in service since 1993, is located in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers in Los Angeles. We have treated over 100,000 individuals, and strongly believe that the only "before and after" picture that matters, is yours. That's why we keep all the micro-photographs of your hair samples, so you can monitor your progress.  

The Regenix hair loss treatment is drug free

You will not become reliant on our hair loss treatment to maintain results

Regenix Hair Loss Treatment stages

The Regenix hair loss treatments contain natural ingredients that are FDA approved for safety. Therefore, unlike all other drug-based products, there is no risk of side effects. With Regenix, you can gradually phase out of the program, and an occasional maintenance treatment is all that is needed to prevent the recurrence of the problem. Drug-based hair loss products, such as Finesteride and Minoxidil based products, tend to override rather than address hair loss problems at the root. Therefore, unless you continue the use of the drug, any results will quickly disappear. 

No claims are ever made to grow hair on a bald scalp

Our unique natural hair loss treatment focuses on hair loss prevention, and the reversal of the negative conditions, including hereditary factors, that lead to hair loss. The program can also enhance your existing hair by getting more thickness into hair that has thinned. Regenix will not grow hair where there isn't any.

If your hair loss is in the early stages, or if baldness runs in your family, you may be able to prevent hair loss with Regenix. Many of our clients do not have a hair loss problem yet, but they have scalp issues, or they are aware of a genetic pre-disposition to hair loss. The Regenix natural hair loss treatments can work wonders with dry, oily, flaky, tight scalps, eliminating everything from dandruff to the symptoms of psoriasis, as well as neutralizing a negative genetic factor. 

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Start with our Jumpstart Kit to prepare your scalp and deal with any topical problems. Then, if your hair micro-analysis shows that you're a good candidate for the other stages of the Regenix natural hair loss treatment program, we will create a personalized treatment regimen designed to eliminate your specific hair loss problems, and enhance your existing hair where it has thinned.