Hair Loss and Thinning.
It’s Personal.

Because no two scalps are alike, we custom-formulate every treatment - made just for you. We've been hair experts for decades in our Beverly Hills clinic and now deliver our five-star experience right to your door.


Get the Hair You Want, Naturally

Hair thinning doesn’t care about age or gender. It’s sometimes genetic and other times from stress, medication, chemicals or hormones. Over-the-counter products are generic and often have drugs with potential side-effects.

Regenix is drug-free and personalized to your hair, your lifestyle.


How is Regenix Different?

Drug-Free, Non-Surgical
All Regenix treatments are personalized from naturally-derived biopharmaceuticals like citrus, Tea Tree Oil, Argan Oil and hundreds more.
Below the Scalp
Unlike topical products, Regenix works both above and below the surface of the scalp in 3 Stages to create a healthier environment for hair growth.
Rooted in Science
Regenix has been researching hair loss for decades in our Beverly Hills hair clinic. All treatments are formulated based on hair microanalysis.

Your Own Hair Specialist

When you order your Starter Kit, you’re assigned a Regenix hair specialist who will analyze your hair follicle and custom-formulate your treatments in 3 Stages. Your specialist is there every step of the way and always available to take your call or answer your email.

Want to talk to a specialist now? Give us a call at 1.800.908.8885.

Getting Started is Easy

Buy your Starter Kit and meet your specialist.
Mail us a hair sample.
Get your Hair Report.
Start Stage 2.

Most men look at their Dad’s hairline and think, “Uh oh.”

Regenix can actually reverse your genetic fate by stopping the deteriorative process. Prevention is key so don’t wait around to find out.

Most our clients see an improvement in their hair in the first 30 days and a major difference in as little as four months. All clients vary depending on what stage their hair loss and thinning is in.

As seen in

"Regenix uses more naturally based products vs. chemicals that are out there so I feel more confident and positive about using the product. And I like the idea that they customize it to me." - Deborah Errico

“I am very thankful to the program for preventing hair loss in the near term and virtually assured baldness in the long term. I have recaptured my hairline, filled in most of my crown and have much thicker hair.” - Nat Eisman, Computer Software Programmer

“The [analysis] was the main reason I went to Regenix. This allowed me to take a very close look at the hair to prove that the treatment was working, no other competitor that I researched had this available.” - Mark Etzel, Commodities Investor

“No doubt that Regenix treatments made a noticeable difference in my scalp and hair. It has caused growth in my crown area and a little growth in the front and sides.” - Gerald Wolfe, Attorney at law

"If you’re scared of drugs, you want a natural, good product that goes in your hair that’s healthy, Regenix is the way to go. Within the first month, you could see the little hair nodules kind of right where I lost it coming right back in. And then it filled out in the front of my hair as well. I was literally shocked." - Jeff Feliton

Who We Are.

Regenix has been treating clients and researching hair loss, hair thinning and scalp issues for decades.

After much consumer demand, we opened our clinic online with our at- home treatment system and line of Hair Therapy Products. We continue to offer in-clinic services for Southern California clients at our Regenix location in Culver City, California.

If you live in Southern California, you also have the option to follow a Regenix program at our clinic in Los Angeles. Call now to schedule a free appointment!
1 (800) 734-3649