REGENIX 3-Stage System

At-Home Treatment for Hair Loss and Scalp Issues

Non-surgical. Drug-free. Custom-Tailored. For Men & Women.

Expect thicker, shinier and overall better hair in as little as 6 months

The Regenix 3-Stage System works to create a healthier environment for hair growth while preventing further hair loss. We help stop the deteriorative process and thicken hair with natural, effective ingredients that work both above and below the surface of the scalp. In fact, there are hundreds of possible custom combinations of our naturally derived liquid bio-pharmaceuticals.

To get the right solution for you, we custom-tailor based on your scalp, health profile and hair microanalysis.

Regenix is drug-free, has no side effects and works for both men and women of all ages.

Begin Stage 1 with Starter Kit

To get started, we send you a Starter Kit to cleanse the scalp. This is Stage 1: Scalp Rejuvenation. Treatments are massaged into the scalp three times per week and are custom formulated based on your scalp profile at check-out.

Starter Kit comes with:

  • 12 vials of the Regenix bio-pharmaceutical scalp treatment (30 day supply/Stage 1)
  • 1 Pure Balance Shampoo OR 1 Moisture Balance Conditioning Shampoo (we’ll choose based on your hair and scalp answers)
  • 1 Deep Follicle Cleanser
  • 1 Essential Scalp Protectant
  • Free Hair Microanalysis

Stage 1: Scalp Rejuvenation

What it does:


dead skin and eliminates dandruff and itching —
helps alleviate Psoriasis symptoms


excessively dry or oily
scalp conditions


built-up residue in the follicle entrances

Hair Microanalysis

After you receive your one-month supply in the Starter Kit, you have 30 days to send us a few strands of hair for hair microanalysis. This is important so we can custom formulate Stage 2 of your program . We also want to make sure that if on the off chance, you are not a candidate for Regenix, we can refund your program*. With just one strand of hair, our lab experts can determine:

  • + The size, shape, and overall condition of the bulb
  • + The thickness and health of your hair shaft
  • + The presence and composition of follicle debris (and the extent of its negative impact on the root)

Your Hair Analysis Results

After we analyze your hair, we email you your results including:

  • + Microscopic images of your hair shafts and root bulbs
  • + A full explanation of your hair analysis results including a proposed treatment program and schedule
  • + Payment plan options

After you choose your plan, we begin shipping you Stage 2: Follicle Cleansing. Just like in Stage 1, you will massage treatments into your scalp three times a week and continue using your Hygiene products (shampoo, deep follicle cleanser and protectant) as directed.

Stage 2: Follicle Cleansing

What it does:

  • + Penetrates the follicles to emulsify the buildup of debris at the root
  • + Neutralizes additional scalp issues such as Demodex Folliculorum

Stage 3: Hair Thickening

After the follicle cleansing, a follow-up hair analysis ensures the follicles are clean so thickening can begin. These custom-formulated treatments contain natural nutrients like Amino Acids, Biotin, and Keratin Proteins - as well as vasodilators and DHT blockers.

Stage 3 creates a hyper-efficient environment that amplifies the production of thicker stronger, healthier hair.

Stage 3: Hair Thickening

What it does:


the scalp’s metabolism


blood circulation to stimulate your roots


any negative genetic factors

Once you achieve your desired results, a simple, less costly maintenance program will keep your hair and scalp healthy, and will prevent problems from recurring.

Watch our instructional video to learn more