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Regenix Hair Loss Clinic

Regenix Hair Loss Clinic

Regenix Hair Clinic

Founded in 1993, and headquartered in the Cedars Sinai Medical Office Towers in Los Angeles, the Regenix Hair Research Clinic has treated over 500,000 individuals with hair loss.

The fact that our clinic is located in Cedars Sinai Medical Office Towers is testimony to how serious we are about the science of preventing hair loss.

Yes, there is a science to maintaining and enhancing a healthy head of hair and that is the Regenix difference. But at Regenix, the age old problem of hair loss, is dealt with in a unique way.

At the Regenix Hair Research Clinic, no claims are ever made to "grow hair on a bald scalp"

On the contrary - rather than grasping for the "miracle cure," the focus of Regenix is early detection, prevention and enhancement through the elimination of certain negative conditions that may lead to hair loss.

Regenix MicroscopeAs in any health issue, a preventive approach will always lead to the best possible cure.

This is why through 25 years of progressive research the Regenix Hair Retention Clinic has developed and patented the comprehensive and natural Regenix Hair Retention System, which consists of many different formulas which address the numerous causes of hair loss, and emphasizes hair loss prevention and hair enhancement.

This fully personalized and natural program of topical Bio-Pharmaceutical Treatments and Hygiene Products is designed to deal with hair loss before irreparable damage is done. Learn more about The Regenix Hair Loss Treatment

Regenix is an ongoing research project. Recently, a clinical study was completed for a new formula to treat topical scalp disorders ranging from itching, flaking and dandruff to psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. Eighty percent of the participants in the study experienced total success in eliminating their problem within the thirty day study time frame. The other twenty percent of participants either took longer to respond or responded partially.

Schedule an appointment at our clinic in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers in Los Angeles, and enjoy a free on-site hair micro-analysis and consultation.


Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers
8631 West Third Street, Suite 420-E
Los Angeles, CA. 90048

1 800 REGENIX (1 800 908 8885)
or 1 310 358 8888

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