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Regenix Reviews and Testimonials

Matthew McConaughey on the David Letterman show

People Magazine's "Sexiest man alive," Matthew McConaughey says it on the David Letterman show: "My hairline's better than when I was 18." And again, "I've been using Regenix, stuff for healthy hair to keep this hair strong, because in the year 2000, some of this hair was falling out. "Not yet baby!"

Was Matthew McConaughey paid to mention Regenix on TV?

Matthew McConaughey is not a paid spokesman, and does not have any financial interest in Regenix.


Did Matthew McConaughey really use Regenix? Rumor has it he had hair transplants.

Many experts assume that Mathew McConaughey must have had a hair transplant, but the only thing he has done for his hair is use Regenix. He was a faithful Regenix client for years before saying so in public. He is not a paid spokesman, he simply believes in Regenix and wants to help other people with their hair loss. He had great results because he was very diligent with his treatment application and hygiene.

Regenix in the News

"Since I started with Regenix, I've received fan mail asking how I keep my hair so beautiful and lustrous. It's no secret-treatments and products at Regenix. I have personally referred friends and fans from around the world to Regenix." 
Britt Ekland, Actress


They don't work miracles but they come very, very close.
Tony McEwing, Fox News Channel 11, KTLA

Leigh-Allyn Baker, Actress

I eat all organic. It's important for my health, and it's definitely important that the products be natural. Besides having much healthier hair, Regenix has made my hair thicker and fuller. Trust me, Regenix is the best kept secret in Hollywood. Leigh-Allyn Baker, Actress

It's not a lifetime devotion to some chemical that needs to be used everyday for the rest of your life. They are so helpful with any questions you might have. I feel that after joining Regenix it's the best money that I could ever spend on myself. Sammy Younai, Retailer

Bill and Marjorie Handel

After I had our children, I noticed that my hair was falling out a lot. And, so much so that when I would sit on the floor and the kids would play with my hair, I would say to them "don't play with my hair or I'll end up looking like daddy." I used Regenix's treatment, and was religious about it. And I certainly recommend it to everyone I talk to. I'm a firm believer and I'm very happy with my hair. Every place I go people mention it. I cannot recommend it enough.
Marjorie Handel


What our clients say:

No doubt that Regenix treatments made a noticeable difference in my scalp and hair. I believe it has stabilized my hair loss and taken away itching and dandruff. It has caused growth in my crown area and a little growth in the front and sides.
Gerald Wolfe, Attorney at law

I had tried all of the commercial products, but all for naught. I had suffered from this problem for the past ten years. After two weeks of treatment my scalp had been cured of the itchy dry state it had been in for so long. The day I answered your ad was the best day of my life.
Lester Williams, Police Officer

My brother and I had the same problem with hair loss, although we choose to treat our problems differently. He is using Minoxidil for his hair loss while I am using Regenix treatments and products along with Minoxidil. There is no doubt that my results with Regenix are far better than my brother's results without it.
Raphael Sabbah, Production Manager

I am very thankful to the program for preventing hair loss in the near term and virtually assured baldness in the long term. I have recaptured my hairline, filled in most of my crown and have much thicker hair.
Nat Eisman, Computer Software Programmer

The [analysis] was the main reason I went to Regenix. This allowed me to take a very close look at the hair to prove that the treatment was working, no other competitor that I researched had this available. The first thing that I noticed and my first goal were to stop the hair from falling out. I am happy with that. I saw the hair coming I strong, [thickening] at the bottom, and white hairs turning brown. I was also impressed with all the staff and their courtesy and professionalism, this seems to be more and more rare in business today.
Mark Etzel, Commodities Investor

I am very satisfied with my results. Family, friends and even my barber have asked what I've been doing to my hair.
Vince Romero, Los Angeles County Sheriff

Over the past several months I have noticed more life in my hair and it takes a lot less effort to keep my scalp from showing through. I have also received more than a few comments to the same effect.
Heath Hamilton, Profession Educator

All I know is that I have more hair on my head from your treatments ...
Elizabeth Castillo, Office Manager

Before I began coming to Regenix for hair and scalp treatments my worst fear was that I would go bald. I saw an ad for Regenix and decided, what have I got to loose. I was really despondent. Well, my despondency and fears were soon dispelled. I was so relieved I can't tell you. Just after the first visit I knew I was not going to be bald. Regenix is probably the most realistic hair treatment centers of all the product and treatment centers on the market. Regenix goes right to the heart of the problem, or shall I say the follicle. They then tackle the problem of the health of the hair follicle by cleansing the scalp and follicles through intensive scalp treatments. But, the best thing is, I get this wonderful head and shoulder massage by their gracious assistants who are always supportive. With Regenix products and treatments I can maintain the hair I have and ... l have even grown new hair! My hair has never been healthier and prettier than it is now. My scalp feels wonderfully clean and does not itch as it used to with the products I was using at the time. Thank you Regenix. I truly believe I would be near bald now if it weren't for you.
Sherry Hunter-Fine