Chemically Damaged Hair?
We Take it Personally.

Because no two scalps are alike, Regenix custom formulates your treatment. You’ll get your own Regenix Hair Specialist to help you reach your hair goals.

Personalized Therapy Kit for Damaged Hair

Is your hair damaged from chemical processing or excessive heat styling? Over-the-counter products are generic and only treat above the scalp. Our treatments go below the scalp's surface, are drug-free and personalized to your hair.

Get your 2-month program and grow your hair back healthier, stronger and shinier than before. Your program comes with a hair microanalysis and your own Hair Specialist to track your results.


How it Works

Buy your kit and start using your Hair Therapy Products 3x a week.

Mail your hair sample. (Month 1)
Meet your Hair Specialist and get your Hair Report! (Month 1)
We ship your four personalized treatments. You'll massage your treatment onto your scalp 1x per week for 4 weeks. (Month 2)
Month 1
Month 2

Your Own Hair Specialist

You will be assigned a hair specialist virtually to analyze your hair within the follicle under a microscope. You’ll receive your Hair Report via email shortly thereafter so we can ship your personalized treatments for month 2.

Want to talk to a specialist now? Give us a call at 1.800.908.8885.

Non-Toxic, Drug-Free Treatments.

All Regenix treatments are formulated with naturally-derived biopharmaceuticals like citrus, Chamomile, Tea Tree Oil and hundreds more. Your treatment will be custom and one of many combinations based on your Hair Report. It’s that personal.

Billie Lee for Regenix

Get Billie’s Repair Bundle and Help the Fight.


Pre-Color Treatment

Do you color your hair? Get Follicle Guard!

Follicle guard coats the scalp's surface and acts as a  barrier against harsh chemicals getting into hair follicles. Give it to your hair stylist to apply before they color.

As seen in

"Regenix uses more naturally based products vs. chemicals that are out there so I feel more confident and positive about using the product. And I like the idea that they customize it to me." - Deborah Errico

Who We Are.

Regenix has been treating clients and researching hair loss, hair thinning and scalp issues for decades.

After much consumer demand, we opened our clinic online with our at- home treatment system and line of Hair Therapy Products. We continue to offer in-clinic services for Southern California clients at our Regenix location in Culver City, California.

If you live in Southern California, you also have the option to follow a Regenix program at our clinic in Los Angeles. Call now to schedule a free appointment!
1 (800) 734-3649
Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on what stage the user's hair loss and thinning is in.